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About us!


Hi my names Emmy and the little dog in my photo is Cookie.

Cookie is my best friend we do everything together.

We’re never apart, where ever I go she goes, when I go to bed she goes to bed, when I eat she eats, when I go for an adventure she goes for an adventure and so in and so on.

We truly are inseparable so it was only fitting that when I first started thinking about making a business she had to be involved in any way she could, hence the name Emmy & Cookie.


So because I set up a company with my best friend its only right that we have good values the wax we use is paraffin wax which is environmentally friendly! No deforestation from chopping down trees. The paraffin wax that we use is purified using GTL technology, which is an eco friendly process that helps to purify the wax to make it the purest we can buy. Another bonus about our wax is that its vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Not only is our wax amazing but so is our fragrance oils! Our fragrance oils are all produced in the UK and are IFRA & EU compliant. The products that are used in the oils are vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Me and Cookie truly believe that there is a huge difference between handmade and mass produced, which is why we’re so excited to be producing quality products so you can discover the difference of handmade!

Have a great day! Love from Emmy & Cookie.

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